The Mission started simple enough

Just outside of Burlington
Just outside of Burlington

Hello and welcome,

Jessica, Connor, Alex, and Chewbacca have been living in Williston, Vermont for over a year and we decided it was time to chronicle our lives for our friends, family and anybody who might have some interest.

Before moving to Williston, Jessica and Alex were living in Burlington.  Williston was this place where all the box shops were and not much else.  However, Williston has become our destination 90% of the time while Burlington, and the rest of Vermont, are still amazing, but life makes the near easier.  And the near ain’t too bad!

Before getting into why we like the Willy-ston so much you need to understand where we come from.

Jessica is a born Vermonter with the full pedigree (if you don’t know what that means you haven’t lived in Vermont long).  She took a good decade off to explore Florida and Arizona but came back to the Green Mountain State with the birth of the little man: Connor.

Alex is a born and bred Southern Virginian who came to Vermont on a job offer in 2010.  Growing up, and embracing the life of someone from Virginia Beach, Alex was well accustomed to surfing and air conditioning.

Jessica and Alex met during a company party in June 2013 despite both working for the same company around 2 years previously-ish.  Jess had been raising a son while Alex was enjoying the bachelor life in downtown Burlington until their meeting.  Both being in their early 30s it is probably safe to say they were each looking to settle down.  After a year of courtship they bought a house in Williston.  And then engaged a year after that.  These are your authors.  Their journey is your content and they definitely have a cool one!

Beyond the extremely short summation of how things started it should also be added that the two appreciate modern design, luxurious living, technology, open spaces, cool art, excellent wine, renewable energy, natural architecture and taking advantage of a shit-ton of land!

In the next posts we will lay out how we made decisions along with what brands/models we used to make those decisions and most importantly:  WHY!

Our little family currently consists of:

  • Jessica:  Matriarch
    Alex:  Whatever Jessica says he is
    Connor:  The little man
    Chewbacca:  A Golden Doodle who joined the family on July 3rd, 2014 with a “Wookie” coat
    the future:  hopefully another little one (or two)