Why Oak Hill Road

Oak Hill Road seems to be a sell-off of old farms for residential purposes.  Many of the lots are highly wooded, but don’t let that deter you.

Oak Hill Road is anywhere from 3 to 9 minutes from Taft’s Corner and the interstate (Jessica says it takes 6 minutes to get to the gym).  Once you hit the interstate you’re a 10 minute drive to Burlington.  That makes Oak Hill Road one one of the last places where you can find seclusion while still being relatively close to civilization.

We considered this area to be too far, at first.  We wanted to be closer to Burlington due to our initial Burlington roots.  Thankfully we were wrong.  Oak Hill Road not only offers peace and quiet, but it is close enough to make a grocery store run very convenient.  And when a night of cooking isn’t on the agenda, restaurants around Williston, Richmond, and Hinesburg are incredibly fulfilling.  These are things our Burlington-ite-selves didn’t consider before moving.  We learned this over time.

Oak Hill Road bring a combination of luxurious living side-by-side with agricultural life.

Need a christmas tree; that’s just down the road.

Need some fresh vegetable or fruit; that’s next door to the Christmas tree farm or just off Mountain View Road.

Need fresh meat or seafood; that’s at either of the two excellent marketplaces near Taft’s Corner (Burlington doesn’t have that).

Want a day on the lake; there’s Lake Iroquois.

Want to play on the mountain bike or cross-country skies; hit Catamount.

Want to rip a few mile on the snow mobile; start at Five Tree Hill and fly down the VAST Trail from there.

Want a burger night; hit Grazers.

Want a concert; Thursdays are super fun in the middle of Maple Tree  Place.

Want a Pizza; well…. there are too many places to talk about.

Yeah, Williston isn’t a bad place at all.  But throw the seclusion and luxurious living off of Oak Hill into the mix and life doesn’t get much better.