The power of a box blade

If you have a gravel driveway re-leveling it is going to be a need at some point.  Yes, you can call someone but if you have a tractor or ATV-like machine why not do it yourself?  This is precisely what led me to the box blade discovery.  But it does so much more than just driveways.

A box blade is a heavy metal box that can be pushed or pulled to collect sediment, within the box, and then drop it out on low spots.  When a driveway is plagued with water runoff spots this is exactly what you need to level things out.

Getting started on blading the driveway for the first time
Getting started on blading the driveway for the first time
A freshly leveled driveway. Just needs a little water to settle the dust down.

When buying the tractor I opted for the box blade, over a landscaping rake, because our driveway needed some help.  I also figured the power of the Frontier’s (a John Deere partner) scarifier teeth would be helpful against all the roots in our clearing efforts.  What I didn’t know was how good it was at pulling up small stumps and many different sizes of rocks!

Aside from intended duties, I’ve used mine to knock down small hills, dig channels for drainage, light bulldozing, and as a rear ballast weight.

Whoever invented the box blade is one of my heroes

Our yard success could not have been achieved without this valuable tool.  Having a level yard free of roots, debris, and rocks is essential for spring grass growth on freshly cleared land.