Yard progress check-in

Before enlisting John Deere's help
Before enlisting John Deere’s help
6 weeks after getting the tractor

The yard work got hot and heavy with the addition of the John Deere 4052M and all it’s goodies.  All of the clearing efforts done by hand have been tidied-up and we’re now at a point where these is just some leftover leveling to be done.

I’ve hired a landscaping consultant (A.K.A. Mom) to fly up, from Virginia, to help us plan our Spring planting.

Next week we’ll host our annual “Friends for Firewood” event where we’ll work to donate a few cords of wood to a needy family.  Read about it on the Burlington Free Press and/or check out the photos on SmugMug.  This week’s yard time is going to consist of getting prepared for that.